Mar 6, 2011

Parenting Daughters

I do not have a daughter, yet. I love my son and fully intend to enjoy raising him. However, I was and am a daughter who still has much growing to do. I love my dad and believe that he and Mom did their best raising me and my siblings. At the same time, I so wish someone would have spoken this truth into his life while my sister and I were still young. I remember vying for a kind word from him, working just to be noticed and acknowledged. At times when I was noticed, the words were less than what I expected or desired. I know this has affected me and continues to affect my marriage and will probably influence my parenting.

None of us has escaped childhood unscathed by something a parent has or has not said to us. I pray that as my friends and I marry and start families, we will strive to minimize the wounds we pass on to our own children. With that said, even if you are not a father or even a husband, please read the article linked below. It will give you great insight into women and prepare you for the day you might have a little girl hanging on your every word.

>>>Parenting Daughters by Pastor Dave Bruskas