Feb 28, 2011

Fears for my son: Biblical Sexuality

Parenthood has been quite the ride these past 10 months and 18 days. I love my son as I have never loved anything before. Any expression on his face or little accomplishment does not go unnoticed or without celebration. He is a vital part of my heart and I love him. I only want all that is best and beautiful for him. But in that desire for his life, there will be challenges in teaching him what is right, especially since what is right is often incredibly unpopular. It seems the world accepts or even encourages sin as long as it is "safe" or "victimless." How do I tell him there is no such thing?

One of my fears centers around teaching him a correct, biblical view of sex. I thought I had learned the correct view growing up, but I see now that I did not have the whole story. I never knew that the compromises I made would affect my marriage and even my ability to be a good parent to my children.

Thankfully, Christian leaders are coming forward to help adults and children alike learn the beauty of sexuality as God intended. One such leader is Mark Driscoll and his wife. I read a post on the Resurgence website that offered some good general advice and helpful, though heartbreaking, information about sexuality among children today. It was very thought provoking and reminded me that I want to be proactive, not reactive, in raising my son to know what is right. I encourage other parents to consider discussing this and other important topics before the child asks the question. Be prepared; do your research and prayerfully consider how to best communicate with your child.

As a parent, we are charged with a heavy, beautiful, exciting, wonderful task of molding another person. Let us take hope in the promises of God and His faithfulness to supply what is needed. In this case, I need heaps of wisdom!